Endurance Test: No Home Internet for 2 Months

Yeah…It was a pain but I managed…

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Let’s Level Up! – FUUKO Super Update

Thinking BubbleThis “Wind” may have died down but it will blow again…someday…

Just as the title says, I’m planning on giving myself a whole new start, continuing my blogging journey, and get ready for what’s in store in the new year.

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Seeing Past Blog Posts

I feel for some nostalgia for some reason…

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F.U.U.K.O. Burst – Recovering from the Common Cold

So what have I been doing this past while? Well here it is! (^_^ )

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2 Years, The Present, and Returning Projects

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F.U.U.K.O. Burst – Gaming Library/Backlog Increasing

I really need to save my money but these PS4 games though… (^_^; )

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F.U.U.K.O. Burst – Site is Live and New Stuff

Two posts in one week? It’s like I’m trying to make a comeback or something lol (^_^ )

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F.U.U.K.O. Burst – Site update and Logo designing

So what have I been doing this past month? Well here it is! (^_^ )

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Mini Update: F.U.U.K.O. Burst (site)

Couldn’t find a decent pic so here’s one I tweeted in Boxing Day (^_^; )

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