Let’s Level Up! – FUUKO Super Update

Thinking BubbleThis “Wind” may have died down but it will blow again…someday…

Just as the title says, I’m planning on giving myself a whole new start, continuing my blogging journey, and get ready for what’s in store in the new year.

This post is going to be super lengthy but these are all the updates on what has been going on with my life as well as what I plan on doing for 2017. 

Laptop Upgraded

20160807012045So a few months ago, I got a new laptop and compared to my older laptop, way faster and somewhat better. Still using my older laptop for backing up purposes.

With my new Laptop, I’ve installed programs I currently need for my personal and hidden projects [one of them being Clip Studio Paint] and I’m also currently editing some drawings that I made and have posted some on my Twitter recently, creating the blog’s Logo [which is still in progress], and prepping blog posts like this one.

I also kind of got an interest in PC gaming yet I’m still clueless on how to make some Steam Games to work on Windows 10 and out of all of the games I have currently have on Steam, I was able to play Purino Party, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, and the free-to play games I was interested in. Was really looking to play Senran Kagura and the Nekopara series [Though I think it’s because my Laptop is either dumb, I’m missing something to make it work, or doesn’t have enough power to open/operate it…].

Life Updates

20160520010401As you know, 2016 isn’t really a great year for most people, including myself even though it looks like I’m happy-go-lucky social media-wise.

I’ve been hardly getting shifts at my workplace [though I’ve been getting a lot more in the Fall of 2016], became severely sick and then lost my voice for a few weeks [plus my friends and co-workers started to joke around me being voiceless either to just to annoy me for their amusement or cheer me up], and some other things I rather not talk about since they’re family-related problems [and they were later solved soon after].

Only good thing for me that came in 2016 was graduating my 3rd College program which is Business Marketing. This makes me one step closer to my current life goal which is to have a business of my own to those that don’t know yet. To be more specific, a Café Restaurant.

2017 is where I should start focusing on my life goal. I wanna say that this might take 5-7 years to accomplish but if I do plan on striding this goal, I want to do it within 2-3 years.

And since it’s also the Year of the Rooster, it’s probably going to be my year of good luck [maybe…]. Though really hope that it won’t bite me as much like what 2016 did to me.

Blogs + Blog Posts Updates

20160520010602Though it takes me a long time to do blog posts [due to various reasons], I have been prepping a few posts from time to time on my off days and they are slowly close to completion. When they’re ready, they’re ready. “Quality over Quantity” alright?

Blog-wise, I’ll be cleaning them up a tiny bit like updating the Menu Bars and/or adjusting the Layout.

As for my short story blog [which is still hidden from people’s sight since I haven’t posted anything there for a long time], I plan on writing there once more and decided to merge all the ideas of all imaginative characters I’ve created since I was 4/5 years old to around this point [I’m 23 currently] into one big universe where they are connect in some way or form. I’ll talk about this in more detail as one of my Mini Life story post in the new year though I will split it up into 3-4 parts depending on lengthy I want it to be.

Logo + Drawing Updates

Yeah…Have not actually started on the official FUUKO Level Up!” logo in my laptop yet [again because of various reasons] but I do have the design of the beta version that I drew randomly in Comic Workshop 2 in the 3DS  not to long ago and may be gonna base it off of that.

hni_0026Now for the Drawings.

Around sometime in the summer, I’ve drawn up 4 original characters based on the Short Stories I made in the past. These characters are:

20161201213626                                           20161201213220

Alto and Tenor Maiko from Alto and Tenor’s Sauce-y Intro

20161201212801                                           20161201213003

Soprano and Bass Crossfade from Soprano and Bass’ Part-time Debut

I increased their age slightly from 13-15 years old [based on Alto and Tenor’s story] to about 18-20 years old [based on currently on the new story I’m currently brainstorming] so these are the beta designs of them I drew by hand. I will show off their final designs some time later in 2017.

Here are a few other designs that I drew of when they were younger and how I used them as the base of their current design.

20150121_141738 20150121_141721  20150121_141706                 hni_0099

Social Media Updates

20161129214249Remember that beta website “FUUKO Burst!” I’ve been making with Wix? I sort of stalled on updating it but you can still see the current build of it as of when I last edited it. Future plans with this will be announced later.

Some time in Spring 2017, I will be creating a 2nd Twitter account, and it will be the micro-blog version of “FUUKO Level Up!“. Though it will have the similar concept as “FUUKO Level Up!“, This one will have some topics that are short, quick, interactive, and fun and the new place where I will tweet my latest blog posts/short stories as well as things that have been in the down low for quite a bit and will probably do once I get some motivation back in me.

My current Twitter will still be the same with me tweeting my random life moments, updates on Anime & Manga I’m currently watching/reading, and I’m also gonna be tweeting out a bunch of drawings and food I’ve done within the week on either Thursdays or Fridays [If I have any to show].

Project PLOT Updates

Remember “Project PLOT“? You know, that Gaming project thingy I plan on doing a year back and still haven’t done yet? Well after seeing how it could play out, I finally made the choice of giving it a shot whether it may be a Let’s Play, a One Off, Streaming [If my internet can handle it], or an edited Comedic Video. Though I may turn it a variety channel and probably try Vlogging and/or Podcasting as well.

So currently, it’s in the works and I have changed the name to something a little better which I won’t say now till I know it’s time to actually do it. I’m currently making a Template, (an Updated) Logo, and possibly have Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass as my mascot characters for this little project.

I’m also going to make a backup resource [just in case] and currently looking for decent video and audio editor programs [and/or possibly a person who’s good at video editing].

Anyways, these are a few of my updates for now and I hope to be fully active and interactive at the start of 2017.

Till Next Time

And Have a Happy New Year!

– Fuuko


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