Seeing Past Blog Posts

I feel for some nostalgia for some reason…

It has been about 3 years since I started blogging and attempted to make an online persona that people would enjoy and remember me by in the online community but now it kinda looks like I’m slowly making myself disappear and returning to my normal day life. [Well in my eyes anyways…]

Anyways, I’ve been looking over on all blog posts I have done and finding all the first posts I did in each of them as well as my favourite ones to do.

While re-reading them, I really saw the improvement from how I do posts before where it looks mostly like episodic summaries then to my impressions and thoughts and a simple closing to now where almost everything is categorized and my impressions and thoughts are a little more expanded and closings are related to the topic at hand.

So without any further ado, here are 10 selected posts/collection of posts that are either my first timers or changers:

Strive for the Harem!

  • Game Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia
    • This was my very first post I’ve ever done and it was also my first game review. Since I was new to this at that time, it became a summary of how I interpreted the story with some comments here and there.
  • Servant x Service Episode 1 Review
    • Though it may be my third post, this is my first anime-related post. It looks pretty simple but all I did was a mini brief of the characters and the episode.
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation Reviews
    • My looked forward Anime in 2013 and the first series I episodically reviewed till the end. I sort of had a lot of fun reviewing this series since I have played the first 3 Neptunia games and for being an Anime original story, making references from the game series and random funny comments were pretty easy.

Strive for the Harem! (2014)

  • ARC: Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream
    • My 2nd ARC post (before the style change) and my first one since the change from Blogger to WordPress. The reason why I chose “PRAD” to be the 2nd ARC post at the time because it was the only one close to being finished. I also had a few more posts in mind but then the 2 years gap happened and I never started on them until recently.
  • First Impressions and Continuing Thoughts: Spring 2014
    • This was technically posted here first but I also posted there 3 months later with the original post date. Instead of episodically reviewing like before due to I hardly complete most of them and stop halfway, I grouped a bunched up and typed out my impressions and thoughts like in many other Anime-related blog sites. Unfortunately, these posts only lasted for that year only though I might do them again someday.
  • Game Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1
    • This was kind of like my 2-year anniversary blog post for “Strive for the Harem!”. With this one, I’ve changed my style in writing game reviews into categories and type stuff in-depth instead of full-on summarizing with small comments on the every now and then.

F.U.U.K.O. Level Up!

  • Fun with Leftovers: Meat and Cheese Sandwiches
    • My first solo blog post when it was just “F.U.U.K.O.” as well as my first food-related post. I remember that I was wondering what to put in my solo blog that would look normal at first then randomize it in the end…And then I got hungry.
  • What if we have the ability to see People’s flags?
    • My 3rd solo blog post and the first Anime Logic in real life post. “Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara” had the main character have this power of seeing people’s emotions in flag form and I thought it was interesting to type about it.
  • Deck Profiles
    • Another random posting series where I post Trading Card Decks I’ve made [and somewhat currently playing]. As a very expense hobby of mine, playing and collecting Trading Cards always keep me occupied in my college years and it’s usually trading card games that aren’t popular at first but slowly become popular over time. I felt like showing my deck builds since I don’t go to tournaments and I only play with friends and locals I know casually. So far, I only did Weiss Schwarz Decks with just my Nisekoi and my first builds of Love Live! Decks.

Never Leave Your Imaginations Behind (My Short Story Blog)

  • Alto and Tenor’s Sauce-y Intro
    • This was my first short story I ever typed out and the first time my imagination came to life instead of just a story that will stay in my head and be forgotten later in my life. I remember having about a few people check out the previous versions I typed up and fixed it up based on their opinions and after reading it multiple times to understand what they were saying to me. It turned out to be a fine story in the end and compared to the other short stories I made after, this one is still my favourite and hope to continue to make more short stories in the future.

With this nostalgia complete, I want to say thank you for following me from the beginning or with any of the blogs within the past 3 years. I’m still going to try to improve and post a little more even though I’m more focus on others things currently.

So is there a Dish/Drink you want me to Whip up or Dish up? Wanna see more Experimental Dishes/Drinks you want me to make? Or you want to see an Original Dish/Drink I happened to make and found interesting?

Also, want to know my Deck profiles for any of my Weiss Schwarz, Cardfight!! Vanguard, or Luck & Logic Decks I made to get you started and/or get a gist on how to build your own or want to see what I pulled in Booster Boxes?

And is there an Anime or maybe even a Manga, Light Novel, Game, or Visual Novel you want me to check out?

Please leave a comment and I might create, review, recommend, and/or analyze it.

Till Next Time

– Fuuko


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