Hi! I’m Fuuko or Fuu for short. Welcome to “F.U.U.K.O. Level Up!“(^_^ )

This was originally called “F.U.U.K.O. – Fun yet Utterly Useless Knowledge coming from this Oddball’s mouth” but I decided to give it a new look, a new purpose, and a new name.

Originally, I always wanted to try to do a variety blog that has a bunch of randomness and curiosities that may or may not pass the level of weirdness.

Now, it’s still kinda the same but with more being normal and more involving food, drinks, Trading Cards and of course, certain Anime and Manga as well as what I do in life when I’m not blogging.

Well anyways, I hope that you enjoy what random and normal posts I might put here… (^_^; )

Future Goals? To run of my own Café Restaurant! But this journey will begin once I have the necessities to start one so for right now, I’m just a Cook that plays and collects Trading Cards.

You can also freely follow me on Twitter at @fuu535 as well as my profile moemoe4FU in Anime-Planet. [Only if you want to… (^_^; )]

Note: There will be times where I’ll talk as my Short Story Characters if I have no other words to explain on those that are based on my opinion(s).


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