F.U.U.K.O. Burst – Recovering from the Common Cold

So what have I been doing this past while? Well here it is! (^_^ )

Well I kinda got unlucky and got sick over the Mother’s Day weekend and it was also the same time I was going back to work a week off after my finals so it kinda sucked and couldn’t speak normally for almost a week and a half and got teased for a while but I still worked on days I was scheduled. By this weekend, I’m pretty sure I’ll be fully recover and have my voice back to normal. (I hope…)

Anyways, as of my ARC posts in the Strive for the Harem! blog, I did plan on scheduling them every other Monday but since I was laying down in bed and working most of the time for the past couple weeks, I wasn’t able to finish and post one for this week so there will be a double posting in a couple weeks and if out want to see what they are, there are preview pics in my F.U.U.K.O. Burst! site.

Other than that, I also found some Manga I kind of want to read but I haven’t started reading them yet though I may have a MRC post on the horizon if it peaks my interest.

I also have to start creating my Logo at some point after putting it on hold for a while…

So to recap:

  1. Two ARC posts in a couple weeks
  2. Possible MRC post soon
  3. Logo still in progress

That’s all I’m gonna say for now.

Till Next Burst!

– Fuuko


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