2 Years, The Present, and Returning Projects

Two years since F.U.U.K.O. began and now…

As I am currently focusing on work and college activities (which is also being my final year in college), my blogging and social media activities are either very slow and/or taking very long breaks and all is filled is what manga have I been reading within those gaps.

Two years huh…I posted more posts than the previous year though they’re mostly updates, me talking about my life, and Trading Card Game-related. I also did a few Anime and Manga-related posts as well as one food post and a couple review posts though I will do more of these in the upcoming months (I hope…).

Anyways, I want to thank you all for following F.U.U.K.O. Level Up! (previously known as  F.U.U.K.O.) these past 2 years and hope that this year will be a great year! [Also gonna add that Strive for the Harem! turns 3 this month as well so check it out if you’re interested]

Well let’s see what I have in store for this year. [Though I hope I can actually do them on time rather than delaying them again… (^_^; )]

Current Projects

I’m still sticking to these so whatever is on it still I will try to post them (at some point) while doing any returning projects that I will spout out under this.

Returning Projects

Surprisingly, I’m going to bring back past things and ideas that I have made/done before and decided to bring them back and possibly tweak them a tiny bit for a new, fresher experience. Pretty sure around May or June I’ll revisiting these areas once more but don’t get my word for it.

In Strive for Harem (Anime Blog)

ARC & MRC (Recommendation Café)

Though I am still try and maintain activity there with Neptunia video game reviews, I do plan on bringing back recommendation posts to the blog. I’m also changing the format of how I used to do them in the past so it would look more like a fusion of review and recommendation aspects.

To remember what these were, Click Here to see a post I did from 2 years ago explaining what it is.

In F.U.U.K.O. Level Up! (Here)

What If…

Yeah…remember this one? It’s time to bring this one back! This time, I plan on renaming it  to What If +Theories.

In addition to the “Random posts on What if this or that happens” that applies real world assumptions, I will attempt to do Theory versions for Anime, and Manga that are either ongoing, almost done, and/or completed like for example, “Should [Main Guy] pick [Minor Best Girl] instead of [Main 2nd Best Girl] in [this series]?”

In my Short Story Blog (haven’t been talking about this for a while…)

Character Profiles/Designs

Though my imagination of these characters will never leave my mind while some are living as Miis in my 3DS and Wii U and even as Mii Fighters (and Amiibos) in Smash Bros, there are only 4 that actually had designs that I’ve been drawing for the past 3 years and changed within those years. I think it’s time to reveal their current designs and profiles I’ve kept hidden.

I’m also attempting to write out short stories again.

And that’s all I’m going to say for now but I’ll say this once again: Thank You for following me in both F.U.U.K.O. Level Up! and Strive for the Harem! and looking at my posts that I’ve done so far in each blog and more that is to come. How many posts will I do this year? [Who knows? Only time will tell.] (^_^ )

Till Next Time!

– Fuuko


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