F.U.U.K.O. Burst – Gaming Library/Backlog Increasing

I really need to save my money but these PS4 games though… (^_^; )

So earlier today, I went to pick up my pre-order of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 in EB Games and I started random asking the one of the employees if they have Nitro+ Blasterz and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. They had Nitro+ so I bought it but they didn’t have Digimon so they said I can do the home direct method so I did and they said it will be in the mail in about 10 business days. And then I completely forgot ask them about Mew the moment I was at home 15 minutes later… (^_^; )

Gaming-wise, I spent a good amount of time playing Megadimension Neptunia V-II but still not done with the Zero Dimension Storyline since this week is currently my test period in my classes therefore less time playing.

Continuing on, the gameplay had a few similarities to the previous games but it’s mostly new like for example:

  1. The EXE gauge doesn’t stack and resets every time you enter battle
  2. You have to go to a town space to heal completely while in the World Map
  3. Weapons have set combo availability and Combos have traits

Plus, the new character, Uzume Tennouboshi (Orange Heart), is freaking adorable (^_^ ). Her cool persona is intense but when she gets interested in something (with intense passion), her true colours show and damn her cuteness went up!

*cough* Okay, on to the next 2 games. (^_^; )

With Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, I inputted the pre-order bonus and tried out Boruto, Sarada, and “The Last” versions of Naruto and Sasuke. They play okay and their jutsu animations looked pretty cool. The gameplay is similar to the previous ones in the  series and the flicking of the right stick to play multiple characters really increases the amount of strategies to think of and it also kind of reminded me about the Clash of Ninja series [and still wondering if there is going to be another one any time soon… (-_-; )].

Then I played against my brother when he returned from school and got 10 Consecutive Losses… (_ _; ).

Lastly, I only played training mode in Nitro+ Blasterz just to try out and configure my button inputs for the game and so far, it’s pretty fun (though I only tried out Heart, Homura, and Saber). I’ll probably play it a lot later on if I don’t get distracted with the other games I’m playing currently.

So to recap:

  • Bought Nitro+ Blasterz and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
  • Looking forward to to play Digimon in 10 business days
  • Uzume is adorable and still continuing through the Zero Dimension Story
  • Lost to my brother 10 straight times in Naruto UNS4 (_ _; )

That’s all I’m gonna say for now.

Till Next Burst!

– Fuuko


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