Looking Inside TCG Booster Boxes – Love Live! DX

Let’s see what’s in store in this box (^_^ )

About a week ago, I bought 3 boxes of Love Live! DX. Since I mainly play Love Live! decks in Weiss Schwarz, buying this many boxes is pretty normal (though I was hoping to get 4 boxes but that’s all I can find in my local area currently…).

Anyways, Let’s take a look! (^_^ )

Like in every Booster Box in Weiss Schwarz, we have a Rules Sheet (with the latest box being the most updated) and a paper Playing Mat showing where to place your cards during gameplay as well as Deck suggestions you can build with some of the cards in this set and some cards from the previous Love Live! Booster Box and Love Live! Starter Deck.

Next is the Promo Cards and the Design of the Pack.

In this set, we get 2 random PR cards as well as a special code for the Love Live! School Idol Festival app of 3 Special Cards of the μ’s members. Out of the 3 boxes, I had 2 that were the same so I wasn’t able to get the Set C but got Set A and two of Set B.

[I used both Set B codes cause I thought they would Idolized only to found out they were idolized from the start so I used the 2nd Set B cards and put it on the 1st Set B Cards to level up their Skill to Lv. 2]

[Also the Power Button on my iPad is broken so i couldn’t screenshot and had to use my phone’s camera]

I have tweeted my pulls in my twitter but I’ll also put the pictures here as well. (Right-click and view Image if you wanna see it bigger)

And during my pulls, I actually got exited getting these cards cause I hardly get any of these.

[If I sold them, I’d probably get a good decent amount of $$ but planning on keeping them cause they’re special (^_^ )]

And that’s all for this box!

Want to know my Deck profiles for Love Live! or any other Weiss Schwarz Decks or any of my Cardfight!! Vanguard Decks I made to get you started and/or get a gist on how to build your own?

Once it’s made, you can click here.

Till Next Time! (^_^ )

– Fuuko




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