Mini Subject: Multiple Names

As you know, Fuuko is not my actual name but contains parts of my real name so it was pretty simple to make but I haven’t used it until I started blogging around 2013.

So since then I kept it in my “Nicknames and Other Names I’m being called” list and that list has about 6 being related to my personality and 8 being parts of my real name or just shorten.

Here are just a few of them and how I got them:

Pikachu Master

Okay, this one was pretty simple. I like Pikachu. Back in the day, I had “Pikachu is the best” phase and made Pikachu as my Pokemon to main in any game and to tell you the truth, I had like 5 boxes worth of Pikachus in Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, and Platinum combined.

Now, I still like Pikachu but not as much as I used to. Still catching maybe at least 2-4 Pikachus since Black and White.


Again, I was still in the “Pikachu is the best” phase and at the same time watching Naruto for the first time somewhere in 2006 or 2007 so I used it as my PSN name for a while before handing that account to my brother and made a new one.


Had this nickname since birth. No, it wasn’t because I was a jerk, it’s my middle name shorten. I’m mainly called this by my Family members and few of my childhood friends.

Though every time I hear my parents call me by my full middle name tends to scare me cause it means they’re angry, planning on lecturing me on something they think I shouldn’t do anymore, and/or want me to see something that I already know about.


My initials. I actually didn’t realize that until I was in Grade 6 in Elementary School. I thought they were normal initials until I found out it also means….something else…

Then one of my friends started calling me Fuu cause he said ‘it’s like Kung Fu and it’s spelt that way‘ so I started to react to both F.U. and Fuu just to confuse people thinking that they’re talking to me forcing them to say the actual phrase. I also enjoy people’s reaction when they find out about my initials.

Currently, a few call me by these names and trying to make it a common name to call me by as well.

Well that’s all I gotta say for now.

I know I got more but I’ll save it for another time.

Till Next Time!

– Fuuko


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