Deck Profiles: Love Live! (WS) – 1st Years

Yup. That’s the name of my Deck.

Based on the cards I pulled on 3 Booster Boxes of Love Live! and the Love Live! Trial Deck, I have come up with a decent Love Live! Deck Recipe that focuses on Rin Hoshizora, Hanayo Koizumi, and Maki Nishikino.

So here are the Cards that I use in this Deck:

Main Cards

The Main Cards I use in this Deck are:

“Secrets” Maki/Maki Nishikino

“Secrets” Maki has a Backup ability where you can put her to the Waiting Room from your Hand to give the character currently being attacked +1500 power. If “Secrets” Maki is on Stage, she has a Change ability where you must have a Climax Card in Hand to play, 2 cards in your Stock, and Maki Nishikino in your Waiting Room. When the requirements are set, place her in your Clock Area and put Maki Nishikino on the same stage position “Secrets” Maki was on.

Maki Nishikino has an Assist ability where she give the 2 cards in front of her +1000 power. You can also remove 1 card from your Stock and Rest her to give one of your Character cards an additional +2500 power till the end of your turn.

Strong-Minded Maki

The moment this cards attacks, if you have the Climax card, Music Room Girl, in your Climax area, you can remove 1 card from your Stock to give all your Character cards get +1500 power till the end of your Opponent’s next turn.

Otonokizaka High 1st Year, Maki

Maki has 3 abilities: 2 Continuous and 1 Auto. When you have 6 or more Climax cards in your Waiting Room, Maki becomes a Level 2 in your hand thanks to her first continuous ability. When she is placed on Stage from your Hand, her auto ability let’s you draw 2 cards from your Deck and remove 1 card from your Hand to the Waiting Room. The second continuous ability gives her +500 power for every other Music type Character on your Stage.

How to play the Deck

At Level 0, get as much stock as possible for your Change and Cost cards.

At Level 1, the selection of cards are limited on both ends so if you placed a Yellow Card in the Level Area, keep doing the Level 0 method till you hit Level 2 and do as much damage to your opponent.

If you placed a Blue Card instead of a Yellow Card, make sure that your specific Change cards are in your Waiting Room to get Level 2 cards in your Stage or else, you will have to keep doing the Level 0 method till you hit Level 2 and do as much damage to your opponent.

At Levels 2 and 3, this is where you set up for the the Maki combo. Have 2 Strong-Minded Maki in the centre stage on the left and right positions, and 2 Maki Nishikino in the back stage. If there are 6 or more Climax cards in your Waiting Room, you’re able to get Otonokizaka High 1st Year, Maki out before hitting Level 3 and place her in the centre middle position. Make sure you have some cards in Stock and the Climax card, Music Room Girl, in your Hand to complete the Maki combo. Do your best to finish your Opponent off. If you can’t pull it off, you can use “Wonderful Rush” Hanayo Koizumi as an alternate Assist card and “Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Rin Hoshizora to search for the Maki cards as long the Character she attacked is in the reverse position and you have a card in Stock.

And That’s how you play the Deck!

I know that there are some that can make a similar and/or a modification of this deck but even though we don’t have the same cards, it could be played the same way or be played a different way.

Want to know my other Deck profiles for Love Live! or any other Weiss Schwarz Decks or any of my Cardfight!! Vanguard Decks I made to get you started and/or get a gist on how to build your own or want to see what I pulled in Booster Boxes?

Once it’s made, you can click here.

Till Next Time!

– Fuuko


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