Deck Profiles: Nisekoi (WS) – Tachibana’s Plan

Yup. That’s the name of my Deck.

Based on the cards I pulled on 2 Booster Boxes of Nisekoi and the Nisekoi Trial Deck, I have come up with a decent Nisekoi Deck Recipe that focuses on Marika Tachibana.

So here are the Cards that I use in this Deck:

Main Cards

The Main Cards I use in this Deck are:

Promised Pendant

The Red Promised Pendant Event Card allows you to rest 2 of your Characters on Stage to return 2 Key type Characters from the Waiting Room to your Hand and then you must choose a card from Hand to put into the Waiting Room. After that, Promised Pendant goes into Memory. This can help you if you’re planning on using a Change skill or a Memory skill involving Promised Pendant as well as lowering the odds of drawing the Main Cards.

Long-awaited Reunion, Marika/Raku’s Fiancee, Marika

The Change combo. When Long-awaited Reunion, Marika is placed on Stage and before the Climax Phase, you can change from Level 1 to level 2 even if you’re Level 1 just by having a random card in hand, at least 2 cards in Stock, and Raku’s Fiancee, Marika in the Waiting Room.

When Raku’s Fiancee, Marika is placed on Stage via Hand, you have to put a Character card that’s in your Hand to the Waiting Room. If you don’t, it automatically goes to the Waiting Room. If placed via Stage, it counts as a 10k Vanilla/Beat-stick (or a Normal Card).

For Your Sake…

Last resort card. This Level 3 Event card will deal 5 damage to your opponent but at the same time can also be cancel if they draw a Climax Card. So if you have enough stock but running out of options, this card is your friend.

How to play the Deck

At Level 0, gain as much stock and clock your opponent to the next level before you level up.

At Level 1, if you placed a Red Card in the Level Area, time yourself when using the Promised Pendant Event Cards and do your best to try and get Raku’s Fiancee, Marika out with Long-awaited Reunion, Marika‘s Change Skill.

If you placed a Blue Card instead of a Red Card, keep doing the same method till you hit Level 2.

At Levels 2 and 3, go all out and put your plan into motion! If not, the For Your Sake… Event Card is always there to either help you or screw you.

And That’s how you play the Deck!

I know that there are some that can make a similar and/or a modification of this deck but even though we don’t have the same cards, it could be played the same way or be played a different way.

Want to know my other Deck profiles for Nisekoi or any other Weiss Schwarz Decks or any of my Cardfight!! Vanguard Decks I made to get you started and/or get a gist on how to build your own or want to see what I pulled in Booster Boxes?

Once it’s made, you can click here.

Till Next Time!

– Fuuko


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