1 Year, The Future, and Hidden Projects

It has been about one year since I started F.U.U.K.O. and…I know that I’ve been posting less on both here and Strive for Harem and haven’t been interacting as much in my social media accounts. 2014 was a big year for me with the experience of:

  1. Getting a job for the 1st time,
  2. Graduating from college for the 2nd time,
  3. Returning to the same college for the 3rd time, and
  4. Making new friends, comrades, and connections for the 4th time.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

“It has been a curious thing that I had in mind and wanted to give it a shot and see what it’s like hosting my own blog…solo-wise. (^_^; ) Though I may say that this may be either successful (or not) depending how it turns out…”

From what I posted from a year ago, I think the progression speed is okay…ish. In my current opinion, I wish I can do this better and faster but given the time I have nowadays, progression will always slow. I also remember asking myself, “Why are you still doing this? You were planning to stop blogging 3 months before starting this new one. It’s just another interest that you will forget at some point. What makes you keep going?” . True, there were times I wanted to give up and quit but me being lazy and wanting to take care of my backlog be fore going on again does not count as an excuse.

Now it has been a year and I wanted to answer the questions I asked myself.

“Why are you still doing this?”

[Since starting as a new blogger in the Summer of 2013, it did peak my interest for a bit and then it slowly died down after doing a bunch of posts making them less and less interesting. But since I’m still new (and I still count myself as new 21 months later) at this, I want to know more, gain experience, and have fun.]

“What makes you keep going?”

[For whatever reason, once I have my mind set on something, I always keep going as long as it fun and occupies my time. I also do plan on just being an “On and Off” type of blogger. It’s similar to what I did with Piano. I was interested to becoming a “Professional Pianist” when I was young (4/5-ish) but gave up that dream (15/16-ish) to become a cook (with a goal of owning a cafe business in the future) and just continued on as a freelance Piano Player.]

Anyways, I want to thank you all for following F.U.U.K.O. this past year and hope that this year will be a great year! [Also gonna add that Strive for Harem turns 2 this month so check it out if you’re interested]

Well let’s see what I have in store for this year. [Though I hope I can actually do them on time rather than delaying them (^_^; )]

Current Projects

I’m still sticking to these so whatever’s on it still I will try to post them (at some point) while doing any future projects that I will spout out under this.

Future Projects

I’m probably gonna be doing these projects during June (or later) since my studies goes first but I’ll be saying a brief detail of what other projects that I’ve been thinking of for a while that I wanted to do but neither have the chance or time to do them…

Project PLOT

Why is it called “Project PLOT”? Because I called it that.

For a long time now, I wanna try game streaming whether it be Video Games, Card Games, or Board Games, it looks pretty fun and interesting.

I have a pretty neat, advance looking video editing program in my pretty dumb laptop which has an okay mic, a pretty okay video camera, and a game capture card that I got as a birthday present about month ago, there is one flaw with this and it’s that…I’m bad at video editing.

I know the Basics of it but still not confident on my skills…I will show my current skills on a trailer video that I’m kinda making for this project with the name (of course changed) and post it once it’s ready.

When I told Solomore about this, he thought that we were making an 18+ game, I laughed but he knows what I was talking about. He does has a couple videos out of him Game Streaming so if you wanna see them, click here.

When I told Tadashi, he asked me if he wants clips with him physically playing but I told him just gameplay (for now) since I’m only using his some of his gameplay clips to make a mini video.

Beta version of the Emblem I made for this project (which is still in progress) called the “PLOT Controller”.

Well anyways, that’s all I gotta say for now so until then, I will try an find myself a catchphrase that sounds interesting and original (probably).



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