Continuing Thoughts and First Impressions: Fall 2014

Alto: Hi! We’re Fuuko’s Short Story Characters Alto & Tenor Maiko and Soprano & Bass Crossfade! (^_^ )

Soprano: We are here to do the continuing thoughts and first impressions for this season. (^_^ )

Tenor: So why are we doing the “Thoughts and Impressions” for “him” again? (-_-; )

Bass: Change of pace I’m guessing… He’s been busy lately and trying to catch up on things that- *cough* Anyways, let’s start already…

Continuing Thoughts

PriPara (Soprano and Alto)

Soprano: “SoLaMi Smile” is Sophie Hōjō, Lala Manaka, and Mirei Minami’s Trio Unit Name and their rival team is…

“Dressing Pafé” which is consist of Shion Tōdō, Dorothy West, and Leona West.

I wonder what will be the outcome when these two teams clash?

Alto: You know who my favourite Character is in this series? Leona West! (^_^ )

Soprano: Why is that?

Alto: Cause she’s a- (^_^ )

Soprano: Okay! You can stop there for now… (^_^; )

Alto: ( 030) Boo~! Fine…

Soprano: The new OP and ED are pretty enjoyable even though I like the previous ones more. The insert songs for both units are pretty catchy too!

First Impressions

Aikatsu! 3 (Soprano and Tenor)

Soprano: Akari is the Main Character in this season! I wonder how her Adventures differs from Ichigo?

Though I’m really gonna miss having Ichigo as main…

So Tenor, what do you think about Hikami Sumire and Hinaki Shinjyo?

Tenor: *nosebleeds* (0//0 )

Soprano: You okay?

Tenor: Yeah…Almost had a “Death by Moe” experience there… (^//^; )

Soprano: Well at least I know what you were thinking haha (^_^; )

Tenor: The OP and ED are pretty catchy and enjoyable.

Soprano: Don’t forget about the Insert Songs! They’re catchy too! (^_^ )

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (Tenor and Bass)


Tenor: Started off as a playful game, Kokkuri-san actually shows up and everything goes downhill…

Bass: Hilariously.

A Loli who thinks she’s a doll and eating cup noodles everyday, a Fox spirit with a cleanliness problem and is overprotective, a Tanuki who’s a NEET, and a Dog spirit being a bi-

Tenor: Bass! Language!

Bass: -ry bad dog?

Tenor: Good.

Bass: *tsk*

Tenor: Huh? (0_0; )

Bass: The OP is pretty catchy and ED is okay-ish.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis (Alto and Tenor)

Alto: Can’t have a War without a few War Maidens leading the charge! (^_^ )

Fully Developed War Maidens

Tenor: Don’t forget the Experienced Bowman as well!

Alto: Yup Yup! (^_^ )

Tenor: The OP and ED are okay.

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de (Alto and Bass)

Alto: Started off as funny Chuunibyou-ish acts, the Literature Club randomly got some superpowers and begins to bring it to the next level!! (^_^ )

Bass: Or not…

Alto: Man, I Wish I had superpowers like that…

Bass: Uh huh… (-_-; )

Alto: The OP and ED are both enjoyable to listen to.

Amagi Brilliant Park (Soprano and Bass)

Bass: And it all started with being asked to a date…


Soprano: But it’s a unique way to start off a series and catch people’s attention…(^_^; )

Bass: To protect and save an amusement park that is also a home for these magical humans and creatures, What will be the outcome of this?


Yet it’s pretty funny and hope it’s only a little bit of fanservice haha

Soprano: I feel kind of like this series is also teaching us a valuable lesson on how to save a dying business when being under new management.

Bass: I agree.

Soprano: The OP is pretty catchy and the ED sounds great.


Alto: Hey check this out! (^_^ )

Bass: It looks like a preview of his 2014 Anime Medley.  The beginning part which is in G+ if I can recall…

Tenor: He just finished it recently, correct?

Bass: Yup. All “he” has to do is not make any mistakes and chain it perfectly.

Soprano: For a freelancer that plays by ear, the way “he” plays seem kinda simple…

Tenor: At least he’s trying to do his best.

Bass: Well let’s see how the end result works later in the year.

Tenor: Okay.   Soprano: Alright.   Alto: Alrighty!

Bass: So, what are you first impressions on the spring season and/or continuing thoughts on the ones currently showing whether be the Anime we spouted here or other Anime that “he” may or may have not watched?

Soprano: While we’re at it, also check out here and/or here if you are interested in more Anime-related reviews

Tenor: And if you want to know us through our short story chapters, click *here*

Alto: We all can’t wait to hear what you all think! (^_^ )

– Alto, Soprano, Tenor, and Bass


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