Updates: Daily Life and Upcoming Posts

Yup, It’s that time once again! My real life spouting and some updates of my current projects… (^_^; )

Lately, I’ve been busy with college and to top that, work. How am I doing so far at school so far? Pretty much okay as far as I know…

I’m also catching up on some a few Anime I’ve held back for a few weeks as well as catching up on some games I put back for a while but there are 4 games that I have to start from the beginning again thanks to a dark real life event that happened to me just recently…

If you want to know what games I have to start over again, here they are:

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia PP
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth1
  • Corpse Party
  • Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

If you noticed, you probably know what happened…

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth1 is probably the only game I have pay again since it was inside my PS Vita at the time while the Corpse Party series I can re-download again but that means I have to pay again if I want to download it to another Portable Playstation System in the near future…and with the memory card in that system, I have to start all over again once I get for a new one…

After learning that ultimate real life lesson, I better think what I should bring and need for work and leave important things at home from now on…

Alrighty, back to happy-go-lucky mode! (^_^ )

Now for the Updates for Upcoming posts:

In Strive for Harem (Anime Blog)

Game Reviews

I did have an intention to do a 2-part Game Review of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth1 once I completed the first half of it (I “was” somewhere in Chapter 4 in the game) but thanks to this event mentioned above, I have to put this on hold for now.

Recommendation Café

Yeah, I’m leveling it up. It won’t be just recommending Anime anymore (ARC) and I’m adding a Seasonal Selections where I recommend selected Anime or Anime Episodes to watch that are related to certain holidays as an example and recommending a few Manga (MRC).


  • ARC – In a previous update, I stated that I had 4 Idol-related posts but only sent out one do to certain circumstances aka busy and kinda lazy. The other 2 of the 4 posts I’m planning to post it before the end of the year. The last one depends on when the remaining episodes are finally subbed.
  • MRC – I do have a couple I want to recommend but it won’t happen until the start of the new year start since I have a pile of things to do and complete.
  • Seasonal Selections – I do have couple in the works and think of the upcoming holidays to figure out the dates.

Reviews – Redux

This one is an incomplete one I didn’t finish during when I was still doing Seasonal Reviews so I’m planning to redux it and do all four episodes this time.


My 2nd Medley is close to being ready aka still messing up in a few parts while recording… (^_^; )

The 2014 Anime Medley is still in progress since I’m still trying to figure out which Fall Anime OP/ED/Insert/Character Songs I can play by ear and chain with the others I can play by ear and rearrange the positions again to make it flow and try to not mess up while recording it… (^_^; )

In F.U.U.K.O. (Here)


I kinda did a couple of Dessert Experiments and they turned out pretty well. If your curious what it is, it’s Pudding.

Why you ask? I actually entered in that Neptunia contest that happened a while back. I didn’t win any of the prizes but it was fun trying to make that pudding and I still had some pictures that I wanna show as well as new pictures once it’s posted.

What If… Posts

There’s no new topics I can think of currently… (^_^; )

In my Short Story Blog

3rd SibMag Short Story Extra Chapter

The extra chapter (or extra part) for my 3rd short story chapter, Luna & Étoile’s First Step-Sibling Encounter, is about 50% done.

As an added bonus, this will also count as pre-story to a Short Story I made up 2 years ago called “Idol Fighter! Idol Changers!” or “IFIC!” for short. I’ll give a full explanation about it within the Chapter so hope you all look forward to it.

I will release it sometime within the fall or winter time (hopefully before the end of the end of the Year)

Well these are my Updates for now so we’ll meet again whenever these are posted!

Also, if you ever randomly meet me in Online Smash Bros, Let’s have a good match! (^_^ )

– Fuuko


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