Drinks – Hot Chocolate Oreo Coffee Milkshake

Hot Chocolate and Coffee mixed together in a coffee mug is really the best way to start your day really. And did you know some call it “Chocoffee” for short. (^_^ )

Here’s the catch with this one: There is no coffee mug involved and…it’s cold! *gasp* (0_0; )

Jokes aside, most hot drinks in my opinion tastes better cold (except in the Winter time).  With this one, I sorta thought on what if I made my own level up version of this drink after making Chocoffee multiple times and said to myself, “Why not turn it into a milkshake?”

The results: BEST IDEA EVER!

 So you guys wanna know how to make this variation of a Chocoffee Milkshake?

Here’s your ingredients to use!

– Vanilla Ice Cream

– Any Hot Chocolate Mix (You can also use Regular Chocolate mix as a sub like Milo or Nesquick)

– Instant Coffee mix

– Milk

– Cream

– Oreo Cookies (Has to be Oreos cause they’re Oreos!)

Equipment to use: Ice Cream Scoop, Blender, Spoon

*note* I’m using the individual size blender but it’s still the same

How to do it

First off, start with the Ice Cream. This will make the volume of you shake depending on how much your blender can hold. If you want it thick, put a little more or a little less if you want a more on the liquid side.

Next is to add the Hot Chocolate mix and Coffee mix. Make it your taste like you are making your own cup of coffee. If you want my style of Chocoffee, the ratio is 2 Chocolate mix :1 Coffee Mix so an example would be 3 spoonfuls of Hot Chocolate mix and 1 1/2 spoonfuls of Coffee mix.

Now for the Milk and Cream. The ratio for this one is 3:1 so 3/4 is milk while 1/4 is cream.

 Here comes the best part! Put some Oreos in! \(^_^\ )

Time to blend it up!

Don’t forget to garnish it with more Oreos! \(^_^\ )

And there you have it!

Fuuko’s Tasting Notes: To me, it tastes like that Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bar.

So did you guys enjoyed it if you tried and make it? Put a comment below and tell what you think or tell me your variation of this shake. (^_^ )

Go by your gut and have fun! Just don’t go too extreme or consequences will happen. Who knows…Your random dish or drink could be the top seller in the near future (maybe) haha

Well that’s all for now. If you have any leftovers or some food and/or drink suggestions you want done in Fuuko style, feel free to comment. There may be a chance I might do it. (^_^; )

– Fuuko


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