What’s in your Rice? – Flavoured Potato Chips

Potato Chips or basically any type of chips with Rice is usually fun to try out!

So for my chip tasting flavour I chose is Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt cause just the flavour itself tastes good with rice already haha

All I did was crushed some chips and sprinkled on the rice.

To make things fun, I also ate it with some leftover steak…and some chocolate milk.

If it were a different flavoured chips, the protein and drink would might be different haha

So what Chips do you guys use on your rice? I’m willing to try them out! My palate is always ready for a challenge! [but nothing too extreme though… (^_^; )]

Go by your gut and have fun! Just don’t go too extreme or consequences will happen. Who knows…Your random dish could be the top seller in the near future (maybe) haha

Well that’s all for now. If you have any leftovers or some food and/or drink suggestions you want done in Fuuko style, feel free to comment. There may be a chance I might do it. (^_^; )


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