Mini Story Time: Why I don’t drink Pop in Buffets

Alrighty, let’s play a game.

Which glass of Pepsi is safe?

If you guessed the right one, you’re safe. If you guessed the left one, you must really love salty drinks lol

Don’t underestimate the colour just because it’s the same colour that you see from the bottle or the can. Once ice (or a little water) is added, it should be a little light.

Now that little game is done, time for my mini story. (^_^ )

That picture up there was taken about a month ago during a family party at a buffet and the glass with that soy sauce Pepsi is my cousin’s while mine was on the right.

Why was his filled with soy sauce you ask? He was sitting next to me brother who was next to a bottle of soy sauce.

Just for curiosity and hilarity, I took a sip of the soy sauce pop and…


Don’t worry, I survived but I won’t do that again haha

Every time when we have family parties in buffets, there is that one point where my brother gets bored and starts to do something dumb and hilarious to our drinks (like putting soy sauce in them) or food (like putting water on Ice Cream) just so he isn’t bored.

I think there was one time that involved hot sauce but I forgot who was the victim during that time…

Anyways, did you or someone you know do something similar to this? Any good or pissed off reaction that were kinda funny?

Well I hope you enjoy this little change of pace post so until then, don’t drink super salty drinks!

– Fuuko



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