First Impressions Summer 2014

The Summer Anime Season…It really has some ups and downs for many yet at the halfway point, it will get more interesting…Maybe…

Anyways, After taking about 1 week to watch 30 different Summer Anime that caught my interest and choosing what to continue (or drop), I surprisingly didn’t drop any of them but I feel like expressing my impressions to 8 of them and they probably be the ones that I have the most interest in or just want to make funny comments out of randomness haha


High School Girls, BB Guns, Comedic events, intense gameplay imagination…DONE! I’m enjoying this already! (^_^ )

“Sabagebu” or the “Survival Game Club” is really a funny series and with everyone’s personalities mashing together, I say this is my Comedy Anime of the season.



The OP sounds great and the ED is really catchy.


“Locodol” is the short abbreviation of “Local Idol” and most towns and cities have one. Heck, even I didn’t know my city had one until one of my cousins told me just recently.

To show how great your hometown/city is by using a few locals to appeal some interesting spots to check out to nearby towns/cities and probably the rest of the world seems really interesting. Even if some of the people in your hometown/city don’t recognize you or never heard of you…yet.

Even though it’s kinda slow in my opinion, I find this slice of life series to be really good.


The OP and ED are sound pretty nice and Insert Songs are catchy and…okay-ish.

Blade Dance

Hmm…A guy that has the same special ability as the women and only a few want him…as their servant. Kinda reminds me of a certain series I seen before…or maybe two…but with a different concept.

I find it interesting because the main protagonist, Kazehaya Kamito, seems to have a certain goal in mind: To find his contracted spirit, Restia.

The OP and ED sound really good.


My impressions of this one is “This one here is a Trap!” (0_0; )

For a 4-minute/episode series, it’s pretty…okay…

Awkward cause I like the trap’s hairstyle but it’s okay… (^_^; )

The OP and ED sound pretty catchy.


Need some advice on Life? Then why not ask the life advice team from the Second Newspaper Club that consists of:


Endou Rino who looks cute and covers Sciences


Kujou Fumi who looks cute and covers Humanities


Suzuki Ikumi who looks cute (possibly my favourite) and covers Athletics

For giving out some life advice to those in need, these aren’t pretty bad.

And I do enjoy the Ikumi Cosplay ghehehe

The OP and ED are really catchy.

Rail Wars!

An Anime about Train Officers…Why Not.

I’ve seen restaurant workers, civil servants, mangakas, etc. so this to be interesting and it is!


The OP and ED are pretty good.


 From the loudest loli ever to an idol with an amazing prism voice, Manaka Lala is really something special.


Though I find it interesting that they have an idol caste system here.

Like in any anime that involves idols, it has:

The Dancing

The Unique Feature of the Series

And The Singing

The performances also look pretty amazing.


The OP and ED in this one are pretty catchy and will get stuck in your head for a while.

Gotta love Idol Anime! (^_^ )

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Yup…Another Mangaka related series.

I really find this one funny since the people that Nozaki uses as model characters for his shoujo manga are not what you actually think like…


The heroine, Mamiko, in his manga is modeled off by this guy, Mikorin (Mikoshiba)

Romance-wise, I hope something goes between Nozaki and Sakura at some point…

The OP and ED are pretty good.

So, what are your first impressions on the summer season whether it be the Anime I spouted here or other Anime that I may or may have not watched?

While I’m at it, also check out here and/or here if you are interested in more Anime-related reviews

Can’t wait to hear what you all think! (^_^ )

– Fuuko


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