Final Thoughts: Spring 2014

With the Spring Season coming to an end and the Summer Season starting, my watching list lowered down a bit for completion yet it increased by another 20 lol How do I watch this much without interfering with my work and my usual daily life stuff? It’s beyond me haha

To end off my Spring Season, I decided to pick 4 Spring Anime out of I think…27? that I’ve been watching to spout out and what I think of them.

Love Live 2nd

With Nico, Nozomi, Eri graduating from Academy, it also means the idol group, μ’s, will disband and end off the Anime series…

Or is it?

The final episodes really gave me some mixed reactions from happiness to sadness to wow.

The updated version of the 2nd Love Live single “Snow Halation” looks pretty amazing and their OP song “Bokura wa Ima no Naka de” from season 1 makes a comeback as the ED for Episode 12.

In the last episode, they also announced that a movie is in the works so I really can’t wait for it!

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to

That’s pretty much it lol

There were other characters I wanted to see in the Anime from the Manga but only did cameos in the last episode. I really wanna see them in action if another season is announced.

Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara

Seriously…From the guy who can see flags of other people and can change the outcome of it to a fighter in the Virtual World to save the main server, Souta was unconscious and was really living in the Virtual World this whole time and learns the truth from Number Zero.

I actually thought he was bestowed with a unique power but it turns out it was just for lolz…

The series itself was pretty okay though despite being a comedy, the harem is not the usual harem…It just looks like friends hanging out and just having fun.

Now I will say the Quest Dormitory catchphrase for the last time…


Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

Of course this Anime peaked my interest from the start but my intension and the series itself were…a little different.

My honest intention for this series was to learn more about some coffee, teas, and treats from each café and how they are different from each other.

What I see mostly in this series was…

















































Cuteness Overload!

Not that I don’t mind or anything like that…*cough* (-//- )

As part of the Hospitality field, I find the series to be great to know a little bit about Servers and Baristas (well the light side of it…) and how they do their job depending on the establishment.

It also gave me some thought of what I should do when I open a café of my own which my current goal once I have enough knowledge (and $$$ lol).

All in All, This was my favourite series in the Spring season.

So, what are you final thoughts on the spring season whether be the Anime I spouted here or other Anime that I may or may have not watched?

While I’m at it, also check out here and/or here if you are interested in more Anime-related reviews

Can’t wait to hear what you all think! (^_^ )

– Fuuko


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