Drinks: Melon Smoothie

Summer always call for cold drinks, ice candy/freeze pops, popsicles, and Ice Cream. Right now I’ll be showing you one of my favourite fruit smoothie drinks to make on the summer heat! (^_^ )

Usually when my parents buy fruit, I ask them to freeze a certain amount since using fresh frozen fruit is my way of making smoothies since I don’t like using ice for certain reasons.

Now for the ingredients:

If you don’t have any of these, don’t mind! I have an alternative to sub for each one as always!

Melon (Cantaloupe or Honeydew or both) that’s cubed (maybe medium or large) and frozen

Evaporated Milk (or just regular milk or milk and cream mix)

Sugar (or some type of sweetener) to taste

Equipment to use: Blender, Spoon

First off, cut your melons, put in a bowl, Plastic wrap it and keep it in the freezer till frozen

After that, remove your melons out of the freezer and start picking it with a spoon if it’s stuck together

Next fill up your blender with Melons (depending on the size of it)

*note* I’m using the individual size blender but it’s still the same

Now for the eyeballing part: the sugar. Go by what you think you need first.

After that, fill it up with milk till it fully covers up the melons (not the blender)

Put the Lid and begin blending till smooth and creamy like.

And there you have!

If it’s still a little bitter to your liking, add more sugar and blend again for another few seconds.

Did you guys enjoyed it if you tried and make it? Put a comment below and tell what you think or tell me your variation of this shake. (^_^ )

Go by your gut and have fun! Just don’t go too extreme or consequences will happen. Who knows…Your random dish or drink could be the top seller in the near future (maybe) haha

Well that’s all for now. If you have any leftovers or some food and/or drink suggestions you want done in Fuuko style, feel free to comment. There may be a chance I might do it. (^_^; )

– Fuuko


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