Updates: Drinks and 3rd SibMag Short Story Chapter

Hehe…Yup, It’s that time once again! My real life spouting and some updates of my current projects… (^_^; )

First off, I just recently finished taking a course for the FSW (Food Service Worker) certificate and all I need is to take one more course in the fall [and I have to update this one since it’s kinda low (^_^; )] before applying for it but all in all, I’m done with studying till September.

Other Daily Life stuff, pretty normal…Other than a little weight loss even though I still look the same…Might be the summer heat or something like that haha (^_^; )

Now for the Updates:


Obviously I haven’t done any drinks yet in the blog but no worries! For the Summer Season, I’ll be posting a lot of cool and refreshing drinks that all of you guys can enjoy (I hope…) whether it may be pretty normal or some random mix I made up recently lol

Just a heads up, most of these drinks may require a blending type of machine if you plan on making them yourself. (^_^ )

3rd SibMag Short Story Chapter

In the last update, I reveal my next 2 short story chapters in my SibMag series. As for the 3rd short story chapter, Luna & Étoile’s First Step-Sibling Encounter, I have started to work on it and so far, the beginning I think looks fine but I have to check it over again once I complete the whole story.

I will release it sometime in the summer (hopefully before the end of August)

Well these are my Updates for now so we’ll meet again whenever these are posted!

– Fuuko


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