What’s in your Rice? – Condiments & Dipping Sauces

Come on, I know some of you guys done this before (and/or doing it currently) so why not. (^_^)

Putting condiments like ketchup and mustard or dipping sauces like homemade cheese sauce and ranch dressing on top of rice is pretty much one of the fun things to do to rice (and great to play with lol) even though I don’t do it as much as I did when I was a kid haha

My most favourite when I was a kid was Ketchup and Rice. Man, that takes me back…TV in front of me, grabbing a bowl of rice, shaking a bottle of ketchup and then do 4 squirts (and a 5th one for good luck) on the rice, mixing it with a spoon and fork… Now I know why I’m still fat… (^_^; )

Well anyways, I just made one not too long ago with whatever I found in the life saver known as “the fridge”. (^_^)

I wanted to make a variation that I never tried before so I chose these two:

Jalapeno Lime flavoured Aioli and Parmesan Cheese

My method of making this:

– Fill half-way with rice

– Squirt some Aioli and Sprinkle some Cheese

– And repeat

– Heat it up if ya want to then mix it up

And there ya have it.

To be honest, it was really okay at first (flavour was mild, cheesy, texture was like cream puffs with rice [Yes I’ve done that before and I’ll talk about it other time]) but then I really didn’t like the taste of it after a few spoons… (^_^; )

So what condiments or dipping sauces do you guys use on your rice? I’m willing to try them out! My palate is always ready for a challenge! [but nothing too extreme though… (^_^; )]

Go by your gut and have fun! Just don’t go too extreme or consequences will happen. Who knows…Your random dish could be the top seller in the near future (maybe) haha

Well that’s all for now. If you have any leftovers or some food and/or drink suggestions you want done in Fuuko style, feel free to comment. There may be a chance I might do it. (^_^; )

– Fuuko


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