What if Game Console Wars Ended?

The Console Wars…It’s literally one of the most interesting topics to talk about despite what’s coming up in a couple weeks so please no ranting in this “What If” post… (^_^; )

Of course I have my own personal opinions but this isn’t the time or the post to be ranting and fighting about it but more of a question that comes in mind, “What if the Console Wars ended?”

I’ve been always curious about this ever since I start playing the First Hyperdimension Neptunia Game in 2011 after trying to find a cheap copy of it in multiple stores. At that time, I was just playing it just because it kind of peaked my interest with the plot (and the other “PLOT” if ya know what I mean :3 ) and how a goddess (or a CPU) is based off a home console…

Neptune/Purple Heart is based off of the canceled Sega Neptune

Noire/Black Heart is based off of 7th Gen’s PS3

Blanc/White Heart is based off of 7th Gen’s Nintendo Wii

Vert/Green Heart is based off of 7th Gen’s Xbox 360

The gameplay of this basically up the shares of one of the nations to add one of them to your party or all of them if you are aiming for the True Ending.

Other than that, I’m really pumped to play the English version remake of this game which is coming out in the Summer Time on the Vita. It’s really a nice game series to play. (^_^)

Oh yeah, its sequels, Mk2 (another story where the siblings of Neptune, Noire, and Blanc are main) & Victory (where it references almost all of gaming history from the 1980’s up to 2012), also got others basing off other Home Consoles and Handheld Systems from different Generations.

Nepgear/Purple Sister is based off of 4th Gen’s Sega Game Gear

Uni/Black Sister is based off of 7th Gen’s PSP

Ram and Rom/White Sisters are based off of 7th Gen’s Nintendo DS

Plutia (Pururut)/Iris Heart is based off of 4th Gen’s Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Peachy (Piishe)/Yellow Heart is based off the PC Engine

Noire (again) but this time 5th Gen’s Sony Play Station

Blanc (again) but this time 3rd Gen’s NES/Famicom

Vert (again) but this time 6th Gen’s Original Xbox

Haha whoops. I accidentally went more the topic of the games series… Sorry about that… (^_^; )

So anyways, what are the Positives and Negatives for this “What if”? It really kind of depends how people think…

Anyways, here are my Positives and Negatives.


– They can help with each other’s weaknesses

– No one (pardon my language) BITCHING *cough* on which console should fall or continue on

– There could be a lot more crossover-related games

– A huge turn for the gaming industry and its history

– A possible Crossplay/Play all Home/Handheld Game System in the future


– If there’s a disagreement with them and the war begins once more, it could possibly be worse than what it is currently with a possible downfall for one side or all of gaming

My answer to “What if the Console Wars ended?” is that I do hope it ends one day (hoping within the next 2-3 generations or in my lifetime) with the companies settling their differences and if possible, make an awesome System that can play all games since 6th Gen and all compatibility from previous game Controllers since 7th Gen but it’s all but a fantasy to me though it would be cool if it ever happens in reality. (^_^)

So what are your thoughts if the console wars ended? I’m curious to find out what they are! (^_^)

Have a What if topic yourself or something that you want me to spout about? Feel free to to put it here! (^_^)

The next What if topic is still in progress so until the next post, see ya later!

– Fuuko


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