What if we have the ability to see People’s Flags?

Come on…I know I’m not the only one who was wondering about this and I know a few of you are curious about it so without further ado, let’s begin this what if topic! (^_^)

To have the ability to see people’s flag is actually a pretty cool ability (well to me, anyways) and it would probably help most of us in our daily lives! But what are the positives and negatives for having this ability?

It took me a while to think of my positives and negatives so here they are!


– You are able to find out who wants to be your friend, lover, and/or Harem Candidate

– You may know what the person thinks about you as a sibling, friend, and/or lover

– You can make the next move faster (whatever that may be)

– You may see what other people in the surrounding area are thinking about your next course when you are hanging out or dating someone

– You may know your way to victory in games and competitions


– You might know when someone’s gonna be in trouble but you can’t do anything about it

– It could be a “Trap”!!

– The flag could change constantly and a possibility that you might join or get influenced by bad people

– It could be a “TRAP”!!

– You might try and keep the person’s flag raised just for your own good and not theirs


So my answer for “What if we can have an ability to see people’s flags?” is that it would be interesting to have but it will also be not fun since it will be in your advantage and your outmost idea is to keep it positive and intact for the sake of your friendship (or relationship) as long as that flag is up.

And that’s that!

So what are your thoughts if we were to actually see people’s flags? I’m curious to find out what they are! (^_^)

Have a What if topic yourself or something that you want me to spout about? Feel free to to put it here! (^_^)

Well the next What if topic is about “Consoles” so till the next post, I bid you all Nepu-Nepu– *cough* I mean, Bye-Bye!

– Fuuko


2 thoughts on “What if we have the ability to see People’s Flags?

  1. While I’m not watching that anime, it’s an interesting thought, seeing people flags. I can’t really give much of a decent comment though as if I watched the anime I’d probably have more to say. Is it similar to NouKome though? I did like that one so if this one is like that, I might check it out then.

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