Updates: What if & ARC sections and Short Story blog

Here’s an update of the statuses of my current projects for each blog I’m doing so here are my updates!

First off, as of last week, I have completed my 2nd College program and checked my official marks today and gonna be graduating around June so I’m looking forward to it! (^_^) But it doesn’t mean my schedule is free entirely…

I’m actually finishing off some certain things in the Spring and Summer like completing off requirements for a certificate (yeah, still studying) and most of my weeks lately, I’m not at home as much and on my days off, I’m sleeping most of the time…

Still, I have no worries since I do a little bit at the time on each of my posts once I have time and not sleeping… (^_^; )

Slow and Steady wins the race“, right?

Now for the Updates:

What If

Since I’m posting the updates here, I might as well start off with this.

I will hereby say that this section will be active starting now. Currently, I have 2 What If posts are in the works and I’ll be posting them and other What If posts on Wednesdays but I’m not saying which Wednesday I’ll be posting so stay tuned for that.

I’m also gonna be generous and give you 1 hint about my posts so here they are:

Post #1 Hint – The topic is about “Flags

Post #2 Hint – The topic is about “Consoles

Well I’m guessing you all are wondering what type am I talking about…

Good Luck


Just a refresher, ARC stands for “Anime Recommendation Cafe” and it’s a section I recommended to Tadashi (Buddy and Fellow Blogger who’s the Main Admin and also blogging with in the Anime blog) a few months ago where we recommend Anime based on the ones we watched over the years [though I hardly did anything to it other than one recommendation… (_ _; )]

As of right now, 4 ARC posts are pretty much almost done since I did them on the side during that one week gap I had between my exams so I’ll post them sometime within this month.

Your hint for these posts are that they are all somewhat (or literally) “Idol-related” (^_^)

Short Story

For someone who is bad in English subject-wise, I think that I make okay stories haha… (^_^; )

So if ya read them, How do you all like my Short Story series so far?

(^_^) [Answer honestly]

If ya didn’t read them before, why not give it a shot and then tell me what ya think after reading? (^_^; )

Click here for links to both my original versions and minor edited versions of my short story series!

Anyways, I’m currently thinking up 2 new Story Plots for my SibMag series and the titles for these stories are already set.

The titles are:

Luna & Étoile’s First Step-Sibling Encounter


Sol & San’s Surprising 10-year Reunion

I hope you all look forward for these Stories… (^_^; )

Well these are my Updates for now so we’ll meet again whenever these are posted!

– Fuuko


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