First Impressions and Continuing Thoughts: Spring 2014

The Start of the Spring Anime Season has been out for a while and a bunch of new shows are starting to pop up while some recurring shows continuing from the previous seasons and still going strong!

[I think… (^_^; )]

Though this season has a lot of new shows I’m watching and to top it all off, those that I’m still watching so for my first Impressions, I only have a couple to spout out in full detail and probably a couple that I want to say what I think of currently on those still showing…

First Impressions

Love Live! 2nd

My favourite Anime School Idol Unit is back and continuing their school life with…

Honoka as their “new” Student Council President…

Seriously, I thought Umi was the No. 1 choice to be President but then again, some student councils in other Anime like NakaImo has a relaxed, easy-minded President, and the uptight, level-headed Vice President so I think Honoka will do fine as Student Council President…probably.

Oh yeah, the School Idol Tournament, Love Live!, has returned with a 2nd tournament and that means…

Hayano, Maki, Rin, Eri, Nozomi, Niko, Kotori, Umi, and Honoka have another shot at this competition as µ’s (pronounced “Muse”) once again!

I also enjoyed the OP and ED! Super Catchy! (^_^)

Plus, I was really surprised that they split up to their mini Idol Groups: lily white, Printemps, and BiBi, in Episode 2 during their training camp.

And the song that they sang in Episode 3 was great! Also A-RISE’s song!

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to

When I first read the Manga about 2 years, I always thought that this would be awesomely hilarious to see this as an Anime every chapter I read because it was that funny and amazingly entertaining to me right to the final chapter. (I’m also reading part 2 of the series as well but I’ll get to that later…)

When the Anime version started,

Yup…it was just as what I expected…

Well Aito isn’t you ordinary Mangaka…Just a hilarious, perverted one who wants to express his feelings of what he’s literally thinks and really has no boundaries when speaking with women and then gets either…



Or Approved?

…depending on who’s with him at that moment.

I really hope that the upcoming episodes would satisfy me as well like the Manga did.

The OP is really catchy while the ED is really calm and enjoyable.

Continuing Thoughts


Based off from Episode 11 on, one of the pieces of Raku’s past has been revealed and has actually met Chitoge and Kosaki before.

Pretty good shocker huh?

Well, I wasn’t as shocked as when I read the manga version of this scene a year back when I started reading the series but the mystery about the locket and the keys will have to wait since Chitoge’s key was snapped in half with part of it stuck in Raku’s locket.

Good thing is that Marika Tachibana has made her Anime appearance along with the 3rd Key.

The new OP is okay but I like the previous OP better and we get a 3rd Character ED (I think…)

Aikatsu! 2

With Ichigo, Aoi, Ran, and other Starlight starlets graduated from the Middle School Section and now in the High School Section along with the return of Mizuki and Dream Academy doing their thing, it is time to find some lucky idols to be to join Starlight Academy.

With our Stunning panel of Main Character Judges!

And our bonus Minor Character Judges as well

Like many Idol competitions or basically any competition, only few will succeed and continue their dream but for this Ichigo fan, Akari Oozora, who failed to get in the first time, gets her second chance.

I honestly thought that they’re gonna pick someone else and then pick Akari as the lucky draw but instead, the straight-forward decision was to pick her on the spot.

Though I do yet don’t dislike the decision they chose since it looks like she’s joining the cast of inspiring idols and it’s great that we’re going to see her grow as an idol from the basics and “possibly” be on par with Ichigo and them in the future episodes.

Good Luck Akari Oozora!

Oh yeah, nice to meet you as well, Mikuru Natsuki!

The new OP and ED are really good even though I like its previous OP and ED better.

So, what are you first impressions on the spring season and/or continuing thoughts on the ones currently showing whether be the Anime I spouted here or other Anime that I may or may have not watched?

While I’m at it, also check out here and/or here if you are interested in more Anime-related reviews

Can’t wait to hear what you all think! (^_^ )



2 thoughts on “First Impressions and Continuing Thoughts: Spring 2014

  1. I’m actually watching all those same anime except for Aikatsu! 2.

    Love Live is so awesome this season, it’s gotta be my favorite!

    I thought I wouldn’t like Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to at first, but after 3 eps it’s pretty funny.

    And of course Nisekoi, between that and Mahouka, Saturday’s are always a blast.

    Nice write up and I like the site look too!

    1. Thanks 🙂

      You should give the Aikatsu! series a shot! It’s pretty good in it’s own way and it’s more in the positive side than negative!

      Yup! Love Live is also in my favourite this season and makes my Sundays/Mondays really cheerful! haha

      ManAssi is a great comedy series and I would recommend reading the Manga as well.

      Yeah. Saturdays are the best since most are released that day. Even Sundays!

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