Fun with Leftovers: Stuffed Meat and Cheese Sandwiches

While looking for something to eat, there are usually snacks, hidden snacks, snacks you never knew were there, and leftovers from either Lunch or Dinner from the previous day or two or possibly a few hours ago.

I had steak about a few hours before I did this Sandwich. So how do I know this? I just did this recently (or a couple weeks ago?) so prepare to be amazed on how this Quick and Easy sandwich is made and one that is Fuuko-style (^_^ )

*Also sorry if my Pics are LQ…My phone was the only thing charged at that time (^_^; )*

First off, here’s the ingredients you need (or improvise if you don’t have any)

– Leftover Steak (or whatever leftover meat you have)

– Buns (I’m using Pandesal or Sweet Buns for this one)

– Shredded Cheese (any will do)

Now to do it the “Normal” way:

– Toast Buns in Toaster or oven

– Put Meat and Cheese in a bowl and Oven or Microwave till cheese is melted

– Make a hole in one side of the bun and stand it then stuff them

Now the way of “Fuuko”:

Additional Ingredient: Vanilla and Hazelnut spread

Additional action: add about a spoon of this to the meat and cheese and mix it around

Also comes with a sauce made with the oil of the cheese, juices of the meat, and the spread

Kinda looks like…never mind (^_^; )

And there you have it!

Here are my notes when took a bite of it:

– Salty and Sweet aka Cheese and Spread work well together

– Kinda tastes like I’m eating a breakfast Sandwich

– I would pair it with Milk or Juice (probably)

You guys are wondering “Why did you do that? That’s disgusting!” or if you are like me “Interesting…I’ll give it a shot!”

Go by your gut and have fun! Just don’t go too extreme or consequences will happen. Who knows…Your random dish could be the top seller in the near future (maybe) haha

Well that’s all for now. If you have any leftovers or some food and/or drink suggestions you want done in Fuuko style, feel free to comment. There may be a chance I might do it. (^_^; )

– Fuuko


One thought on “Fun with Leftovers: Stuffed Meat and Cheese Sandwiches

  1. I gotta say man, that actually looks pretty damn good. Although I wasn’t expecting the vanilla and hazelnut spread you added. Hell, I’d try making something like that if I ever have the ingredients laying around sometime!

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